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The Gym Group, Longwell Green

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My Goal

Making Fitness Fun

I've always loved feeling strong, both in body and mind. Joining the gym was the perfect way to develop my strength and confidence, and i want to help others do the same. As a personal trainer, my goal is to support and motivate you to create healthy habits and become your best self. Let me give you the direction and guidance you need to turn your enthusiasm into a plan, and reach your fitness goals. Train with me and make physical and mental changes that will transform your life. 

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What I Offer

Jump Start Your Goals

Muscle Hypertrophy

Muscle Growth

Strength Training

Increase your muscle fitness

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Look Good, Feel Good

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Body Recomposition

A mix of fat loss and muscle growth

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Train with me, Jessie PT at The Gym Group Bristol Longwell Green and achieve your fitness goals. I specialise in weight loss, strength building, muscle growth, and nutritional guidance. Let me help you gain the body confidence you deserve this summer.

"I’ve been using Jess’ online PT services for 4 months now and she’s been great. She always responds quickly to my workouts and check-ins and encourages me to send videos of my workouts so she can help me improve. "

"Jessie has been really supportive and always makes me feel good even when I haven’t achieved my goals for that week and never makes me feel bad for missing workouts etc. overall I couldn’t recommend her more and love working with her."

"Jessie takes my opinion into account when it comes to things such as making my new plans; what workouts I like and don’t like, areas I want to focus on etc. she’s also offered me nutritional support to help me further reach my goals."

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